Friday, April 21, 2017

Leaky Eyes and Treatment Plans

I wanted very much to spend some time with my daughter, so I had hoped that I'd be between treatments this April. I had arranged to be with her in Austin, TX for nearly a month, ages ago.

That's partly why my eyes were leaking last visit with my oncologist. She walked through the findings, showing me some of the spots where we had seen bone metastasis. I admit I hadn't seen the spots on my pelvis, and that was jarring. In fact, I do not have a accurate picture of all the locations: sternum, spine and pelvis.

Yes, they are stable. No new lesions seen, nothing bigger than before. But my mets are "generally diffuse." So, treatment will continue, as there is no evidence on my chest. It is better (probably not gone.) I'm pleased about that. But I can't look forward to ridding myself of the bone mets ever. We are shooting for stability.

Mariana, a photogravure by W E F Britton of the Tennyson poem: a sad woman leaning on her hands
By William Edward Frank Britten (1848–1916)-
The Early Poems of Alfred, Lord Tennyson,
Ok. (Leaky eyes.)

Why? What's wrong with me? This is good news!

I was tired, I told her. I was sick and tired of all the side effects, even though they weren't the worst. Still, the constant heartburn and GI issues, the neuropathy, the fatigue and the cognitive effects...they are tiresome and difficult. But still, I was hoping for a time where I could be free of all of this. She seemed troubled by my reaction, and I hate that. The doctor returned twice to my room to talk about what happens next. She ultimately decided that I would be doing two more rounds of the Herceptin/Perjeta/Navelbine, then onto something else. Probably, Herceptin and something like Zometa or Femara or...crap. Nothing she talked about sounded good. Maybe I should keep my tears to myself, as if I could.

So, to make my visit with daughter possible, my oncologist told me (well, told hubby actually) to find a doctor and an infusion practice down near where I'd be. That went well. I located a doctor at a large statewide oncology practice with an office about 10 minutes from where we park the RV. It has gone so smoothly, it's scary. What was most reassuring was the local oncologist, who walked through everything my doctor was doing, said pretty much the same things about the current treatment. I felt reassured.

But everything has changed with the bone mets.  I'm frightened for what comes next. The fact that I gotta do it matters not at all.

I'm spending money I feel like I no longer have to travel for bits of time at a time, instead of being able to go full time or even transition my care or go full time. Hubby is putting off things he needs to take care of.

Doesn't matter. Cancer don't care. I guess I'd better buckle up, Buttercup.

Oh, and can we please stop messing with the healthcare political football? It looks like Death Pools are still on the table. I have enough I need to worry about.

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